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36 PACK -500ml White Sublimation Aluminum Bottle -

36 PACK -500ml White Sublimation Aluminum Bottle -

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Stay hydrated and stylish with our 500ml White Sublimation Aluminum Bottle! Made of high-quality materials, these bottles are perfect for sublimation printing and will showcase your designs in vibrant, full-color detail. Each box contains 30 bottles, making them perfect for events, parties, or for resale. These bottles are sure to be a hit with your customers or guests. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a unique touch to your hydration routine. Order now and be one of the first to get your hands on these amazing sublimation bottles!

Printing instructions 

1. Secure transfer to the Tumbler using Heat Tape.

2. Cover with protective paper

3. Place Tumbler in Mug Press and close the heating element

5. Press at 375 degrees for 2 minutes

6. Rotate tumbler and press for an additional 2 minutes

Additional Items Needed: SDN heat tape, SDN Shrink Wrap

Recommended Paper: SDN Sublimation paper




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