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(6 PACK) -12 oz White Stainless Steel Sublimation Cup

(6 PACK) -12 oz White Stainless Steel Sublimation Cup

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12 oz White Stainless Steel Sublimation Cup with (pack of 6) -

Printing instructions 

1. Secure transfer to the Tumbler using Heat Tape.

2. Cover with protective paper

3. Place Tumbler in Mug Press and close the heating element

5. Press at 375 degrees for 2 minutes

6. Rotate tumbler and press for an additional 2 minutes

Shrink Wrap Instructions: Instructions for Using an Oven and Shrink

1. Remove all plastic parts and lids

2. Cut out design and affix to tumbler using gold heat tape

3. Cover entire tumbler with blowout paper

4. Place in SubliShrink bag

5. Use heat gun to shrink bag to tumbler 6. Place in oven for

6 minutes at 360 degrees

7. Remove from oven

8. Remove shrink bag and image from tumbler

Additional Items Needed: SDN heat tape, SDN Shrink Wrap

Recommended Paper: SDN Sublimation paper

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