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17oz (500ml)Sublimation Blank Stainless Steel Water Bottle(unit)

17oz (500ml)Sublimation Blank Stainless Steel Water Bottle(unit)

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Heat Press Instructions:

Set Press to 365°

1) Remove lid

2) Heat tape transfer to bottle

3) Put room temperature heat conductive rubber  around transfer and bottle, making sure transfer is not misplaced.
Note, after you have done a mug and your green rubber has heated up, take 30 seconds off the timing.

4) Press. After 2 minutes, check a corner to see if it is fully sublimated, if not, turn the bottle ¼ the way around and press for an additional 45 seconds.

5) Remove from press, remove transfer, and allow to cool.



Set oven to 375°

1) Preheat oven to 375°
2) Tape transfer to water bottle.
3) Wrap with protective paper.
4) Wrap with dyewrap. (Make it finger tight , plus two turns.)
5) Place in oven for 10-11 minutes.
6) Using heat resistant gloves, remove everything as soon as possible.

Shrink Wrap Instructions:
Instructions for Using an Oven and SubliShrink

Time: 6 Minutes
Temp: 375°

1. Remove all lids or plastic parts.
2. Secure image to substrate using heat tape.
3. Place SubliShrink around blank, secure with tape if necessary.
4. Use heat gun to form SubliShrink evenly around blank product.
5. Place in oven for appropriate time and temperature.

Additional Items Needed: SDN heat tape, SDN Shrink Wrap

Recommended Paper: SDN Sublimation paper

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