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Bone Mdf keychain (50mm x 60mm)

Bone Mdf keychain (50mm x 60mm)

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Bone Mdf keychain (50mm x 60mm)

This mdf are double sided for sublimation 

come with key ring and plastic connector

Heat Press Instructions: Please follow the steps below to use the heat press effectively:
  1. Begin by covering the bottom table of the press with a sheet of protective paper to safeguard the equipment.
  2. Attach the transfer securely to the substrate using SDN  Heat Tape, ensuring proper alignment.
  3. Take the substrate, with the attached transfer facing downwards, and place it on top of the protective paper on the bottom table, ensuring it is positioned correctly.
  4. Cover the substrate and transfer with a piece of  sheet of protective paper, providing an additional layer of protection.
  5. Set the press to the specified time (2 minutes and 30 seconds), temperature (400°F or 204°C), and pressure (medium).
  6. Begin the pressing process, ensuring all elements are properly aligned, and adhere to the designated time, temperature, and pressure mentioned above.

Application Note: In the event that the substrate warps or buckles after pressing, it is recommended to place weights on the substrate while it cools to help it regain its original shape.

Additional Items Required: SDN Heat Tape

Recommended Paper: SDN Sublimation Paper

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