Printing sublimation mugs Trick

Posted by Mike benchmuel on

A little trick(not to always post selling posts) that makes you save a lot of time. for those who print a lot of mugs. since you put a piece of white copy paper to cover the transfer of the mug. What i do is take a piece cut it to cover the mug top to bottom , handle to handle and measure it .
example 8.75 x 4 inch to cover a 11 once mug
then take a 500 sheet pack at staples and ask them to cut the whole pack
11 inch length to 8.75 inches and then the 8.5 side to 2 cuts of 4 inches
with 500 sheets you get 1000 pcs of perfectly cut papers and staples charges approx. 1$ a cut so total cost of 500 sheets plus 3$

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